Wild Fishing

South Uist has some of the best wild fishing in Europe. Wild brown trout, sea trout and salmon are readily available although there are no course fish. We have more than 800 lochs and lochans on South Uist and Benbecula and here all fishing is fly fishing, with the exception of sea fords where spinning and bait is allowed. Coastal View Cottage is sited opposite a loch at the front of the house.

Our quality brown trout and sea trout thrive in the alkaline environment of the west coast machair lochs. South Uist is regarded as having some of the best fishing you can experience.

Our rugged middle and east coasts comprise moor and hills that are perfect for our sportier wild brown trout that prefer a more acidic environment. Fishing in South Uist provides a challenge for everyone, even the experienced angler.

Machair Fishing

Our west coast machair land is a fertile low-lying grassy plain made from wind deposits of sand and shell. The soil of South Uist machair consequently has a high shell content – up to 90% . The machair lochs are therefore alkaline, providing nutrients for the crustaceans and invertebrates that the salmon, sea trout and brown trout eat.  A network of drainage ditches, rivers and burns connects the lochs to the sea and this allows the migratory fish to reach a greater than expected number of lochs.


Hill Fishing

The hill lochs make up by far the greatest number of fishing lochs on the islands. There are hundreds of lochs and lochans dotted over the three islands of Eriskay, Benbecula and South Uist and a great many of these are included in the hill loch permit. Please note that although some of the lochs are easily accessible from the road, many require a good walk into the hills. You can often find yourself fishing a loch with only the local deer and eagles for company.


Brown Trout

The finest brown trout fishing is in the machair lochs on the flat pasture land on the west coast.  The lochs are shallow, rarely over six feet deep, and much of the best fishing water is even shallower. All fish on the island are wild fish – there are no stocked fish.  Fishing pressure is light, and the trout population is self-sustaining; aided by some high quality spawning burns.


Sea Trout

The Sea Trout runs in South Uist have held up well and can justifiably be considered as some of the finest sea trout fishing in Europe.



In July and August there tends to be very little pressure on the lochs and as such this is the ideal time to mix Brown Trout fishing with Salmon fishing.  All fishing on South Uist is owned by the community company Storas Uibhist. Please contact Lorna Macleod for more information on 01878 700 101 or email – fishing@storasuibhist.com


Bag Limits

In South Uist we do not impose bag limits but we do kindly request that anglers only kill those fish that they require for the table. Due to the unpredictability of our weather it is difficult to state the best fishing times.

Salmon and Sea Trout season opens on February 1st but there are only intermittent runs at that time of year.

Brown Trout season opens on March 15th, again weather is unpredictable, could be very wild or very calm. The best of the Brown Trout fishing is to be had in May and June when daylight can last until 10pm or so. Brown Trout season ends on Sept 30th.

The first runs of Sea Trout and Salmon arrive in July each year.

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